10 Stage Water Filter Review


10 Stage Water Filter Review I received a Premium 10 stage water filter for my review and all thoughts are 100% my own. Let’s talk about how much bottle water we buy every year? Do you really know how much you spend on bottled water? I know in my house we go through 2 -32 [...]

Build a Dream Playhouse Review


Build a Dream Playhouse Review I received as compensation for my review a Build a Dream Playhouse and all thought are 100% my own.   Do you remember what it was like to dream of your perfect playhouse? Well our children also like to dream too. You can make most of their dreams come true [...]

homeSpa Shower Spray Review


homeSpa Shower Spray Review I received homeSpa Shower Sprays for my Review & my thought and opinions are 100 % my own. homeSpa is a 100% Natural Aromatherapyoil Shower Spray. If you enjoy relaxing in a nice bubble bath after a long hard day at work and need something to help you relax , Then [...]

Zipz Review and Giveaway


Zipz Shoe Review and Giveaway I received a pair of Zipz Shoes for my Review and my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. What can i say about Zipz Shoes? I Love them so much. They are the coolest shoe i have seen in many years. These are the 1st interchangeable shoe of it’s [...]

Brownie Brittle Review


  Brownie Brittle Review I received brownie brittle for my review & all opinions are 100 % my own What can i say about Sheila G’s brownie brittle ? OMG! These are the bomb! I remember making brownies for my family and we use to fight over the end pieces as they are the best [...]

Shark Rotator Lift-Away Review


Shark Rotator Lift-Away Review I received a Shark Rotator Lift-Away for my  review. All thoughts & Opinions are 100 % my own The Shark Rotator Lift- Away is by far the best vacuum i have use today. I am rating the Shark Rotator Lift-Away #1! Unlike many vacuums we struggle to with them when we [...]

Latex Bliss Mattress & Pillow Review


Latex Bliss Mattress & Pillow Review Latex Bliss Mattress & Pillow ReviewMy husband and I were sent a Latex Bliss mattress topper and 2 Low profile Pillows to try and with my husband having high blood pressure, herniated discs in his neck and back and just last week he had surgery on his shoulder. I [...]

Be Pawsitive Review


Be Pawsitive Review I was given Be Pawsitive Product for a review & all thoughts are 100 % my own. Woof  Woof said Dudley when his Be Pawsitive  Rise and Shine package arrived. He has been waiting on his Oven Baked Natural Organic biscuits to arrive and when the mailman came Dudley was very excited. Dudley [...]

Shark Rocket Review


Shark Rocket Review I received a Shark Rocket to review. All thoughts & Opinions are 100 % my own. What can i say about this lightweight versatile vacuum? Let me start off by telling you that the Shark Rocket Vacuum is Awesome! It has such power that goes beyond surface cleaning , it truly gets [...]



PeachSkinSheets   I have been looking for good quality sheets for a few months without the high price tag and i came across PeachSkinsSheets. PeachSkinSheets are located in Atlanta, Georgia and they feature Ultra- Soft bed sheets. Their sheets are made from a high performance soft fabric and are wrinkle free. They personalize your order [...]