Where  to start 
Join  store’s savings card programs, When available !
(Food stores , drug stores etc )
Check  weekly ad circular online and in-store
Find out about the store’s rain-check policy & discount programs for Seniors 
Know your  store’s coupon policy, keep a copy with you in your Binder !
If your unsure about a stores Coupon Policy  always  ask the store manager  or you can call  the Corporate  Office if  you think the manager  didn’t inform you correctly .

Organize your Coupons and Binder !
 Start by getting  Duplicate Sunday newspapers from friends and Family  and look in the Internet for printable coupons. Some of our favorite websites for Internet coupons: Like  SMART SOURCE , RED PLUM , or look  on our page for printable Coupons!
Set up your binder  so that you will remember  where  your Coupons are either by dates  in alphabetical  order  etc .  Do this  what ever  way you want . 

Before  you head out to shop ! 
Get a copy of Yours  store’s weekly ad circular, or  get  it online . Now  you can match sale products with coupons/ see  if your store is Doubling or Triple coupons  that week . 

Make a shopping list 
Figure out a grocery budget and Buy  only whats  on your List  , unless  you  find a Freebie while shopping.

Sometime  buying a smaller quantity item is a better deal. With a coupon, for example, you might be able to get a travel-sized item for free. you can stock up for free or super cheap if you have more coupons  
Be on the  look for unadvertised sales and clearance items. If you have a coupon for a heavily discounted item, the cost can be free or very little.
Don’t be Picky  on  Brand Names .

Remember  to read the Coupons  for it may have a Limit on the Product  your Purchasing  . 

Go slow don’t panic you will get the hang of this .  Have Fun !!!!

Learn about Coupon Fraud –

How to Save Money on Groceries!
Ask the Store Manager or Call Corporate Ofiice
Do they Offer Buy One Get One Free Deals
Do they Offer Double Coupons
Do they have a store reward care for automatic savings/discounts
Do they have Store Coupons
Once you find out what they Offer  you can then see how you can figure out how to save even more with your coupons to get the lowest price.
Combining Coupons can result in you getting Free Items !
Example – Use 2 Coupons on a Buy one get one items may result in Free Items.