Splash Art Review


Splash Art Review

I received a Splash Art for review and all thoughts are 100% my own

Splash Art is a great products for children 12  months and up , Splash Art allows your child to draw on  this easy easel with no mess .

Your child will use this with water so their is no mess ,Now that’s what i am talking about no markers m no crayons on my floor , table, or walls .. I think it is a very good way to help improve a child’s fine motor skills as they get to use their hands and it helps them to learn their colors and shapes at a young age. Most children enter school knowing their basic numbers and colors but some also don’t . You can use Splash Art to teach your child as well and have fun doing so. Splash Art is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your child and do some creative thinking and pictures. You can teach them how to write their name , learn the Alphabet , Numbers and much more. Splash Art is from a PlaSmart who has many awards for their products past and present. PlaSmart also provides products such as Plasma bike and car which kids just love to ride,They also offer a variety of games and other creative items for children of many ages. If your looking for a some really neat gift ideas PlaSmart is a good place to start. Before you go searching for that special gift be sure to see all products that PlaSmart has to offer for your child.


Check out  their Video Here on Plasma Car

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Ladies Lugz Boots Review


Ladies Lugz Boots Review

I received a pair of Ladies Lugz Shifter boots for review & all thoughts are 100 % my own

Lugz ladies shifter boots are the best by far in my opinion , I have owned many pairs of boots in my field of work i work outside in all kinds of weather, Lugz boots are very comfortable and do not hurt my feet like many other brands have done in the past. What i like about these boots are there no slip soles and comfy insoles . These boots are designed so well that you don’t have to wear them for work , I have worn them with jeans when i go out for the night, their durabrush fabric is really nice they feel like  suede which i really like .They are very stylish and you will agree too!


With Lugz Shifter Ladies boots you get 2 in 1 style so that you can wear them anytime ,not just for work.Lugz offers a variety of other boots for your whole family . No matter what Lugz boots you get your whole family will enjoy them and their feet will love you for it . So before you go out and buy your next pair of boots check out Lugz.com and see all they have to offer and their large selections to meet any budget.

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Kid Sleep Moon Review


Kid Sleep Moon Review

I received a Kids Sleep Moon from Claessens ‘ Kids for review and thoughts are 100% my own

Kids Sleep Moon is great way to teach children at a young age how to tell time. Kids Sleep moon is a unique sleep trainer your child will learn the difference from night and day along with when to go to bed and when to wake up. This device has a cute designs that your child will really like where they will learn the difference of am and pm time. Not only will your child learn time but they will also be able to listen to 4 different lullaby’s to help your child fall asleep , The lullaby’s are a soothing way to help your child to relax and close their eyes to fall asleep.

Kids Sleep moon has different settings:

4 Lullaby’s

4 choices of Alarm & Silent mode

4 levels of brightness

full face traditional night

Smart Sunset -Go to sleep function

Smart Moonset Wake Up function

Includes Night .Nap , and weekend  mode.


When your ready to teach your child the fun learning of time , This is a product i highly recommend  as it is a easy product for any child to relate to the difference of night and day.Your child will also learn how to read time with the attached clock .Kids Sleep Moon is a All in 1 sleep trainer that is reasonably priced to meet your budget. What a great baby shower gift idea ,Mom to be will really enjoy this because they can use it to sooth baby to sleep with the 4 different lullaby’s and them when the child gets older she can then begin to teach her child to lean time. Available in Pink and Blue .

For more information call (312) 458-9310 or visit www.claessenskids.com.

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Geo Puzzle Review


Geo Puzzle Review

I received a Geo Puzzle to review and all thoughts are 100 % my own.

Education is very important in a child’s life. I believe in starting a child young in educating them and preparing them for life. What better way then to start with puzzles. Geo World puzzle is a great puzzle your child will learn fine motor skills buy finding and seeing the different shapes of the countries and learn colors as well. With Geo World Puzzle they will also learn the names of the countries and States .This is a great learning tool for all ages not just children.


Geo Toys not only offers Puzzles they offer a variety of Educational Products like Geo Bingo , Geo Dice Geo Cards , They even have some awesome inflatables that are over 3ft Tall , Which will help children learn about the different animals in the world /jungle . I love Geo Toys and all their educational products together we can all make learning fun. So lets put down the video games and have fun learning the way we all know by hands on and using our minds.

Geo Toy products are great for the holidays and fun for all ages.


36″ giraffe won’t bump its head on the ceiling or eat leaves but he will be your new friend.


For more products from Geo Toys Visit their website  or nearest retailer near you here

Geotoys, LLC · 218 Linden Ct · Neenah, WI 54956 – [email protected] · t: 920-475-2002 · f: 866-829-1891

Mad Runner RC Review


Mad Runner RC Review

I received a Mad Runner RC for review and all thoughts are 100 % my own


Mad Runner RC  is a fully function remote control truck that all children will enjoy , It has Forward , Reverse , Left /Right Turn and Stop ,also has adjustable front wheel alignment. No matter how old your child is including the big kids like Dad they will have hours of fun. Mad Runner has nice graphics and colors and really makes you dream of driving a monster truck. The remote control is very easy to use but it does require batteries to operate it. For a small RC Truck this is pretty quick that my husband and dog enjoyed it very much for hours lol , Yes even the dog he got his workout for sure chasing the truck. Ages 6 yrs and up.


Starting Dec 1- 15 th when you purchase any Swing & Spin Get your choice of a free RC Car or Free Shipping. No Coupon Needed

Visit them online at www.swingsandthings.com to make your purchase today!

Makes a great gift that your family will have hours and hours of fun . So mark your calender for Dec 1st and get this awesome RC Racer .

We enjoy ours so much we are sure you will as well.




Ozeri Tower Fan



Ozeri Tower Fan

I received a Ozeri Tower Fan for Review and all thoughts are 100 % my own.

Ozeri Tower Fan is a really neat fan that is modern in design and very quiet. When looking for a fan i look for quietness and durable and affordable and with Ozeri that is excactly what you get. Ozeri Tower fan is very easy to put together in about 10 seconds, You just screw the bottom on and plug in . Now how is that for fast ?



Ozeri has easy to use settings for you to control the speed and coolness of your fan with the touch of your fingertip.

This 3x Tower fan is engineered with 3 independently controllable fans and 3 fan speeds, offering up to 9 levels of cooling and customized airflow  the 3x Tower fan is among the world’s thinnest fans at less than 3 inches thick and boasts a visually arresting design with an elegant reinforced glass base stand.

Features 3 pre programmed airflow patterns designed to foster sleep, relaxation and comfort with 90 degree whisper-quiet oscillation for optimal air circulation.

Extended range remote control and the touch sensitive LED control panel provide easy access to all features, including a 7.5 hour timer that can be programmed in 30 minute increments.

You will not be disappointed with this product and neither will your family , They will be fighting over who will get to have this awesome fan in their room .


If your looking for a Fan that is Quiet , with a well decor design and affordability Ozeri 3x Tower Fan is for you.

Ozeri fan is perfect for any home , college dorm and makes a nice gift idea for the holidays.

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