MAM Baby Product Review

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MAM Baby Product Review

I received MAM Baby products for my review & all thoughts are 100% my own.

MAM  offers a wide variety of baby products that parents are looking for. MAM products are Medical research and technical innovation. MAM works closely with renowned scientists, medical practitioners, midwives and development psychologists who work alongside designers and technology specialists in the MAM studios. When it comes to children MAM knows every product has to be safe. Safety is #1 with MAM!


MAM produces so many baby products from bottles to pacifiers .I had the opportunity to see for myself  two of their products first hand. I really like the Sippy Cup it has a form that your child can actually hold the cup with a nice grip verses ones that are have no place for a child to really grab on to. Having a cup that a child can grab is easier way to teach them , It is designed for their little hands. They also make it fun for them with a really cute decal on each one .

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BPA free: All MAM products are made of BPA free materials.



We all know how important it is to have a healthy clean mouth and so does MAM , I believe it is super important to teach a child at a young age to learn to brush their teeth and gums . Most baby tooth brushes i have used on my children were scary as they could of choked on the brushes, MAM has really thought up a way to help avoid such that. Their 1st Baby Tooth brush has such a great design that it helps prevent a child from choking, It has a safety peice that is on the brush handle that allows the child to brush their teeth with out the brush going down their throats. This is a awesome idea and i am so pleased to see this. It really makes me feel better knowing that a child can safely learn to brush their teeth and not worry as much if they will choke. Great Job MAM!!!

I highly recommend MAM Baby Products . They know all about Safety 1st

{f:translate(key: 'product.isBpaFree')] BPA free: All MAM products are made of BPA free materials.

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MAM products are widely available in-store and online, including at the following retailers: Store Locators Here 

To see  more MAM  products visit their website here


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