homeSpa Shower Spray Review

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homeSpa Shower Spray Review

I received homeSpa Shower Sprays for my Review & my thought and opinions are 100 % my own.


homeSpa is a 100% Natural Aromatherapyoil Shower Spray. If you enjoy relaxing in a nice bubble bath after a long hard day at work and need something to help you relax , Then Home Spa Shower Sprays are what you are looking for. Home Spa offers a variety of scents to meet your needs.






homeSpa offers 4 scents in an 80z size spray bottle such as, Lavender, Tangerine,Pink Grapefruit and Eucalyptus , Every scent is  All Natural Ingredients Blended to Ease Stress and Clear the Mind.

How it works: Spray Three Pumps Into the Shower Stream then enjoy the scent and relax. I found that it helped me feel more relaxed in a bath verses taking a shower, As i was able to just soak and really enjoy the scent more. You will enjoy the great smelling scents too. My Favorite is Tangerine . I also used the sprays in my home. I sprayed into the air to make my room smell nice too. I didn’t want it to end. Ahhhhhhhh! Just Love it!

homeSPA is reasonably priced and makes a nice Holiday Gift Idea!

You can order Online on their Website Here


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